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~~~The Shell Boat Fleet~~~

   Length Beam Weight Kit    Plans

Leif 7 7'-1" 4'-2" 50 lbs. $1,225 $75
Leif 8 8'-0" 4'-2" 65 lbs. $1,275 N/A
Leif 10 10'-0" 4'-8" 90 lbs. $1,525 N/A
Sea Shell 8 7'-10" 4'-2" 75 lbs. $1,475 N/A
Sea Shell 10 10'-0" 5'-3" 100 lbs. $1,650 N/A
Swifty 11 11'-0" 5'-2" 115 lbs. $1,675 N/A
Swifty 12 12'-0" 5'-2" 125 lbs. $1,725 $110
Swifty 14 14'-0" 6'-0" 165 lbs. $2,475 N/A
Lucky 13'-0" 4'-7" 105 lbs. $2,150 N/A
Swifty 13 13'-0" 5'-3" 225 lbs. $3,600 $130
Swifty 15 15'-0" 6'-1" 375 lbs. $4,200 N/A
Schooner 15-1/2 15'-6" 5'-3" 155 lbs. $2,900 N/A
Schooner 18 18'-0" 6'-2" 450 lbs. $4,700 $160
Schooner 18c 18'-0" 6'-2" 465 lbs. $4,950 $175
Schooner Cat
18'-0" 8'-0" 1200 lbs. N/A
Great Blue Heron
19'-0" 7'-0" 700lbs.
N/A $180
Schooner 21
21'-0" 7'-0" 750 lbs.
$7,200 N/A


LENGTH: 7'-1"
BEAM: 4'-2"
WEIGHT: 50 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 35 sq. ft.

Kit: $1,225
Plans: $75

Leif 7
The Leif 7' is a handy little tender. Many large-boat owners with moored or anchored-out vessels enjoy the Leif's spunky agility; whether its a jaunty trip around the marina or shoreline gunkholing, this little dingy will get you where you want to go. The interior is entirely open—no daggarboard or trunk. Wonderful sprawling room for one or two people is accomplished by utilizing an exterior keel for good windward ability. Two-station oarlock sockets allow for rowing flexibility. With flotation cushions for seats, a varnished Leif floats you along in nut-shell quality. Our customers have reported very good sailing ability in a chop as well as a light breeze.


LENGTH: 8'-0"
BEAM: 4'-2"
WEIGHT: 65 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 35 sq. ft.

Kit: $1,275

Leif 10
Leif 10

LENGTH: 10'-0"
BEAM: 4'-8"
WEIGHT: 90 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 50 sq. ft.

Kit: $1,525

The Leif 8' and 10' are very similar to the Leif 7', the biggest change being built-in seats. Although either boat will sail faster with one person, the 8' has room for two people. The 10' will hold three with an occasional fourth. The 10' also has a daggerboard and trunk rather than the full-length keel.

Leif owners often cartop to ponds or lakes, leave the car and sail away. This is a very compatible boat for campouts and will accommodate your whims on short notice. Customer feedback has repeatedly confirmed our intentions, which was to design an easily built, easily handled, and easily maintained kit boat.
Leif 8


LENGTH: 7'-10"
BEAM: 4'-2"
WEIGHT: 75 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 35 sq. ft.

Kit: $1,475

Sea Shell 10
Sea Shell 10

LENGTH: 10'-0"
BEAM: 5'-3"
WEIGHT: 100 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 50 sq. ft.

Kit: $1,650

This is a fast, agile, and stable vlet-style pram. Of all of our boats, this is the design that demonstrates the heritage of the Dutch vlets and the Norwegian holmsbuprams, and has greatly influenced subsequent Shell Boat designs. The traditional vlet shape makes the Sea Shell an ideal tender—she tows extremely well.

The sailing rig is very easy to set up and use. Its folding mast enables the entire rig to be stowed in the boat and set up in two minutes, even while out on the water. Although seldom necessary, a small outboard can be mounted on the transom. These boats are very agile and easily rowed.

Sea Shell owners are often enthusiastic about their boats. Some have been built indoors in family rooms. Some have affixed handles to the sides of the hull to facilitate a two-person haul to the shore. Rainbow trout (most notably a 24-pounder) have been caught on weekend jaunts throughout upstate New York.
Sea Shell 10


LENGTH: 11'-0"
BEAM: 5'-2"
WEIGHT: 115 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 62 sq. ft.

Kit: $1,675

YouTube video

Swifty 11
The Swifty 11 is our newest and smallest Swifty. It has the same beam as the original Swifty 12, but has been made more compact, having proportions much like that of the traditional cat boats. Any favorable comparison with the famous Beetle Cats of the early part of the last century would be considered a compliment!

The sail rig is our standard leg o' mutton style with a sleeve luff and using a curved sprit boom. The folding 17' mast enables quick set ups or take downs—the entire rig can be stowed in the boat. The boat can be rowed very well and also can be used with a small outboard. The large deck area is made of beautiful hardwood marine ply, which will look great if you choose to varnish.


LENGTH: 12'-0"
BEAM: 5'-2"
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 65 sq. ft.

Kit: $1,725
Plans: $110
Swifty 12
Swifty 12

LENGTH: 14'-0"
BEAM: 6'-0"
WEIGHT: 165 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 85 sq. ft.

Kit: $2,475

The Swifty 12 is our most popular boat, very fine for sailing, also great for rowing and motoring. Docile and easily handled, the Swifty will plane on a reach in a good breeze—while you fly, you're dry! It has plenty of room for three or four people, but will perform best with one or two.

This design incorporates sealed flotation chambers under the front deck and all seats. The hull is constructed on a simple building jig and can be planked in one day. The single-sailed cat rig is leg o' mutton style with a sleeve luff and using a curved sprit boom. Some owners have modified to a sloop by adding a jib. The folding 17' mast enables quick set-ups or take-downs—the entire rig can be stowed in the boat.

The Swifty 14 has the same hull shape as the Swifty 12, but has been scaled up. Increasing the length by two feet produces an increase in volume of over 50%. Although one person can handle it easily, it will sail very well with a crew of two, three, or even four people. The 19' mast folds in half to stow easily in the boat. The rig sets up just like the Swifty 12.

Swifty 12 and 14


LENGTH: 13'-0"
BEAM: 4'-7"
WEIGHT: 105 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 68 sq. ft.

Kit: $2,150

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More photos
The distinctive feature of Lucky is its cat yawl rig. The inspiration for this design comes from the canoe yawls that were so popular at the beginning of the twentieth century. Unlike the canoe yawls, Lucky is very stable and forgiving, due to its modest size rig and generous beam. The split rig makes for easy sail handling and the ability to self steer to windward.

Rather than fixed seats there is generous sprawling space for 2-3 people. Many folks find this to be the most comfortable way to sail. Flotation cushions make ideal “seats” for the Lucky. Bronze oarlock sockets are standard. We have to say, with all due modesty, that this makes one very elegant little rowing boat!

Whether under sail or oars, the fine lines of the Lucky allow it to glide through the water with very little effort. The sweeping sheer line may add to the good looks of this little craft, but importantly it also makes for a dry and comfortable ride when the going gets rough.

This little boat is comfortable and handy either in a 20 knot breeze, or ghosting along at sunset. Row or sail, she’s nimble, easy to maneuver, and will surely charm.


LENGTH: 13'-0"
BEAM: 5'-3"
WEIGHT: 225 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 90 sq. ft.

Kit: $3,600
Plans: $130

Swifty 13
The Swifty 13 is based on the hull of our most popular boat, the Swifty 12. This is a great day-sailer with minimal overnight capabilities.

The cabin is a haven during inclement weather, and will secure your gear while you're on land again. There is ample sleeping room for one (two if they are very close friends!). Although the cabin is small, openable windows and a large sliding hatch make camp cruising comfortable. The unstayed ketch rig is convenient and easy to use; the whole thing can be set up in about five minutes.

Twin full-length keels make the Swifty 13 easily beached, upright and stable, without damaging the bottom. They also eliminate the complications and crowding caused by centerboards or daggerboards. Don't be intimidated by the ketch rig; it's not at all hard to use and is really a lot of fun. The Swifty 13 will self-steer sailing to windward, even when reefed. With the three sails, many different combinations are possible.


LENGTH: 15'-0"
BEAM: 6'-1"
WEIGHT: 375 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 113 sq. ft.

Kit: $4,200

Swifty 15
The Swifty 15 is basically an enlarged version of the very popular Swifty 13. It is a spacious day sailer with ample cabin space for some serious cruising. The cabin sleeps two, with room for a porta-potti, as well as quite a bit of gear storage. Openable windows and a large sliding hatch make the cabin bright and airy. The cabin extends two feet under the bridge deck of the cockpit. The unstayed ketch rig is convenient and easy to use. It can be set up in about five minutes. This rig, well proven on the Swifty 13, will self steer going to windward, even when reefed. A simple reefing system makes it possible to reduce the sail area, as much as desired, without leaving the security of the cockpit and cabin. Twin full-length keels make the Swifty 15 easy to beach, upright and stable. This boat is light enough to be pulled clear of the water by two average-sized people.

LENGTH: 15'-6"
BEAM: 5'-3"
WEIGHT: 155 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 94 sq. ft.

Kit: $2,900

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Schooner 15-1/2
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The cat schooner rig on this boat has some very interesting characteristics. Although there are two masts, it is very simple to build, set up, and sail. The masts are single piece and short enough to fit in the boat. The straight booms stow very nicely along with the masts. The sail has a luff sleeve rather than our usual sail ties, resulting in more efficient air flow around the mast.

LENGTH: 18'-0"
BEAM: 6'-2"
WEIGHT: 450 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 118 sq. ft.
FORE SAIL: 50 sq. ft.
MAIN SAIL: 68 sq. ft.

Kit: $4,700
Plans: $160

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Schooner 18
More photos    YouTube video
After a wonderful season's use of the Schooner 15-, we had to start thinking: what if it was a little bigger? Well, this is our answer to that question. The Schooner 18 is a luxurious day sailor for 2-4, with pretenses of being a basic cruiser for 1-2. The hull and rig are essentially scaled up versions of the Schooner 15-. The bilge keels provide good lateral resistance as well as easy and upright beaching.

The aft cabin is quite adequate for sleeping, changing clothes, using the portable head, and stowing gear. It also has a small counter space for a one-burner stove and a water jug. Including the 20" of space under the bridge deck, the clear flat area is 6'-6" long. Head room under the hatch is 36". The aft cabin configuration makes wheel steering a practical necessity. Some will miss the lost feel of the tiller, but for us the wheel turns this boat into a little ship!

The rig has all the features of the Schooner 15-. Test sails have shown the 18 to be a very nice performing craft. The maximum speed under sail so far has been 8 knots, and about the same under power (3.5 hp Tohatsu). The aft cabin separates the helm from the outboard motor enough to make motoring a quite pleasant experience. Power could go up to 6hp, perhaps more. Rowing is also a reasonable option.


LENGTH: 18'-0"
BEAM: 6'-2"
WEIGHT: 465 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 118 sq. ft.
FORE SAIL: 50 sq. ft.
MAIN SAIL: 68 sq. ft.

Kit: $4,950
Plans: $175

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Schooner 18c
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This is a variation on the popular Schooner 18, with the front wall of the cabin moved 21" forward. The cockpit is more suitable for four as opposed to six. Because the cabin expansion is into the wider part of the boat, the actual increase in cabin volume is about 50%. The maximum headroom increases to 42" under the hatch. To maintain easy access to the motor, the hatch has been redesigned to use two sliding panels which stack over each other.

The cruising capabilities have been greatly improved. Two can sleep and sit comfortably, while the storage area has been increased substantially. Weight may be about 15lbs greater, which will not have any noticable affect on performance.


LENGTH: 18'-0"
BEAM: 8'-0"
WEIGHT: 1200 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 140 sq. ft.
FORE SAIL: 65 sq. ft.
MAIN SAIL: 75 sq. ft.

Plans: $350

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Schooner  Cat
YouTube video
Featuring an enclosed cabin (for sun protection only, or complete weather protection) of about 50 square feet with generous sitting head room and removable windows, the Schooner Cat 18 sleeps two—and, at under 1200 lbs., can be easily towed and launched with most cars. The simple, efficient rig sets up and is ready to sail in five minutes while underway or at shore or dock. The boat comfortably sails 6-8 people all day and has an enclosed head in the cabin. It beaches flat and solid on stainless steel shod keels, and the sails can be reefed to any size or stowed from the safety and comfort of the cockpit.
Great Blue Heron

LENGTH: 19'-0"
BEAM: 7'-0"
WEIGHT: 700 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 115 sq. ft.
DRAFT: 12"

Plans: $180

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Great Blue Heron
The Heron is designed to be an all-purpose sailboat equally comfortable under power. Features include: bright, airy pilot-house style cabin; light, strong semi-planing hull; quiet, well-mounted outboard power; twin shoal draft keels and rudders for beaching upright; and a simple, efficient sprit boom ketch rig. The design incorporates sealed flotation chambers in the forepeak, under the seats, and at the stern.

The Great Blue Heron has been thoroughly tested by our family – the prototype was used for many years on Lake Champlain. It wasn’t unusual for Fred to be the first one on the water with breaking ice clinking against the Heron’s hull, or in July, ghosting along just after sunset, or in September, brewing tea below while fog and rain ran the sea and sky together.

Reminiscent of the Maine Lobster boats, this design is stable, comfortable, and easily trailered to your vacation spot, nearby lake, river or shore.

LENGTH: 21'-0"
BEAM: 7'-0"
WEIGHT: 750 lbs.
SAIL AREA: 140 sq. ft.
FORE SAIL: 65 sq. ft.
MAIN SAIL: 75 sq. ft.

Kit: $7,200

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Schooner 21
More photos    YouTube video
This boat has all the wonderful qualities of the 18c, with almost 50% more volume. It is still light and simple enough for one person to set up and handle, but with the added space, comfort and capability that comes with greater size. Oarlock sockets are standard, but it can handle motors up to 10 hp. The total towing package of boat, trailer, motor (9.8 hp Tohatsu, electric start with battery), ground tackle and misc. weekend gear weighed in at 1300 lbs. It can be towed by any car you can reasonably put a trailer hitch on. The owner of the first one is towing it with a Prius!

In the cabin there is sit up headroom for four and comfortable sleeping for two. The cockpit can easily accommodate six. (In the picture above, there are seven aboard, including three kids.) There is room in the cabin for a small cook stove, porta-pottie, and lots of gear. Sailing speeds of 7+ knots can be expected.


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