Leif 7

The Leif 7’ is a handy little tender. Many large-boat owners with moored or anchored-out vessels enjoy the Leif’s spunky agility; whether its a jaunty trip around the marina or shoreline gunkholing, this little dingy will get you where you want to go. The interior is entirely open—no daggarboard or trunk. Wonderful sprawling room for one or two people is accomplished by utilizing an exterior keel for good windward ability. Two-station oarlock sockets allow for rowing flexibility. With flotation cushions for seats, a varnished Leif floats you along in nut-shell quality. Our customers have reported very good sailing ability in a chop as well as a light breeze.

Length: 7'-1"


Weight: 50 lbs.

Sail Area: 35 sq. ft.

Leif 8 and 10

The Leif 8’ and 10’ are very similar to the Leif 7’–the biggest change being built-in seats. Although either boat will sail faster with one person, the 8’ has room for two people. The 10’ will hold three with an occasional fourth. As an option, the Leif 10’ is also available (no extra cost) with a daggarboard and trunk rather than the full-length keel. Leif owners often cartop to ponds or lakes, leave the car and sail away.


(Leif 10 shown)


   Leif  8               Leif 10

  _________         ___________

Length: 8'-0"               10'-0"

Beam: 4'-2"                  4'-8"

Weight: 65 lbs.            90 lbs.

Sail Area: 35 sq. ft.      50 sq. ft.

Sea Shell 8 and 10

This is a fast, agile and stable vlet style pram. Of all of our boats, this is the design that demonstrates the heritage of the Dutch vlets and the Norwegian holmsbuprams, and has greatly influenced subsequent Shell Boat designs. The traditional vlet shape makes the Sea Shell an ideal tender—she tows extremely well.

The sailing rig is very easy to set up and use. Its folding mast enables the entire rig to be stowed in the boat and set up in two minutes, even while out on the water (same rig as the Leif series). Although seldom necessary, a small outboard can be mounted on the transom. These boats are very agile and easily rowed. (Sea Shell 10 shown)

Sea Shell 8             Sea Shell 10

_____________           _____________

Length: 7'-10""               10'-0"

Beam: 4'-2"                    5'-3"

Weight: 75 lbs.              100 lbs.

Sail Area: 35 sq. ft.       50 sq. ft.


A boat to take you to all the shallow water places that most sailors never see up close (and to some deep ones too). It is easily trailered or car topped and can even be launched from many places without a ramp. Designed to be comfortably paddled or rowed and it can be sailed in less than a foot of water. Twin ultra shallow keels protect the bottom and provide lateral resistance for sailing to windward. The modest sailing rig weighs only nine pounds: the mast can be left standing with sail wrapped, or broken down and stowed in the boat or your car.

Length  12'-0"

Beam     4'-3"

Weight    95 lbs

Sail area  35 sq. ft.