Boats with Cabins - Micro Cruising Potential


The Swifty 13 is based on the hull of our most popular boat, the Swifty 12. This is a great day- sailer with minimal overnight capabilities.

The cabin is a haven during inclement weather and will secure your gear while you’re on land again. There is ample sleeping room for one (two if they are very close friends!)  Although the cabin is small, openable windows and a large sliding hatch make camp cruising comfortable. The unstayed ketch rig is convenient and easy to use; the whole thing can be set up in about five minutes.

Twin full-length keels make the Swifty 13 easily beached, upright and stable, without damaging the bottom. They also eliminate the complications and crowding caused by centerboards or daggerboards. Don’t be intimidated by the ketch rig; it’s not at all hard to use and is really a lot of fun. The Swifty 13 will self-steer sailing to windward, even when reefed. With the three sails, many different combinations are possible.

Length  13'-0"

Width  5'-3"

Weight  240 lbs.

Sail Area  90 sq. ft.


The Swifty 15 is basically an enlarged version of the very popular Swifty 13. It is a spacious day sailer with ample cabin space for some serious cruising. The cabin sleeps two, with room for a porta-potti, as well as quite a bit of gear storage. Openable windows and a large sliding hatch make the cabin bright and airy. The cabin extends two feet under the bridge deck of the cockpit.

The unstayed ketch rig is convenient and easy to use. It can be set up in about five minutes. This rig, well proven on the Swifty 13, will self steer going to windward, even when reefed. A simple reefing system makes it possible to reduce the sail area, as much as desired, without leaving the security of the cockpit and cabin. Twin full-length keels make the Swifty 15 easy to beach, upright and stable. This boat is light enough to be pulled clear of the water by two average-sized people.

Length  15'-0"

Beam  6'-1"

Weight  390 lbs.

Sail Area  113


After a wonderful season’s use of the Schooner 15 ½  I  had to start thinking: what if it was a little bigger? Well this is my answer to that question. The Schooner 18 is a luxurious day sailor for 2-4 with pretenses of being a basic cruiser for 1-2. The hull and rig are essentially scaled up versions of the Schooner 15 ½. The bilge keels provide good lateral resistance as well as easy and upright beaching.

The aft cuddy cabin is quite adequate for sleeping, changing clothes, using the portable head and stowing gear. It also has a small counter space for a one burner stove and a water jug. Including the 20” of space under the bridge deck, the clear flat area is 6’-6” long. Head room under the hatch is 36”. The aft cabin configuration makes wheel steering a practical necessity. Some will miss the lost feel of the tiller, but for me the wheel turns this boat into a little ship!

The rig has all the features of the Schooner 15 ½. Test sails have shown the 18 to be a very nice performing craft. The maximum speed under sail so far has been 8 knots and about the same under power (3.5 hp Tohatsu). The aft cabin separates the helm from the outboard enough to make motoring a quite pleasant experience. Power could go up to 6hp, perhaps more. Rowing is also a reasonable option.

Length  18'-0"

Beam  6'-2"

Weight  450 lbs.

Sail Area 118 sq. ft.


This is a variation on the standard Schooner18 with the front wall of the cabin moved 21” forward. The cockpit is more suitable for four as opposed to six. Because the cabin expansion is into the wider part of the boat the actual increase in cabin volume is about 50%. The maximum head room increases to 42” under the hatch. With a 6hp outboard the top speed is around 9 knots, with a 9.8 hp around 11 knots.

The cruising capabilities have been greatly improved. Two can sleep and sit comfortably while the storage area has been increased substantially.. Weight may be about 15 lb more, which will not have any noticeable effect on performance.

Specifications same as the Schooner 18